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- Ibu Kecil - by D-for-Duchess - Ibu Kecil - by D-for-Duchess

:iconsparklesplz:Happy mother’s day!:iconsparklesplz:


It’s 22nd December and in Indonesia we dedicate this date for our mothers and the amazing women that contributed to our family / nation :heart:~

I’m trying to make this piece as pretty as possible—this looks like my mom’s old picture, where she’s just a little kid, wearing a kimono from my grandpa and holding a paper umbrella. Too bad I couldn’t find it, but I hope it resembles the photo ^^

I think I just want her to remember that good old times, telling her that it’ll come again. That there’s always hope.




Ibu, I know I let you down so much..

Ibu, I know that I made a lot of mistakes, I’ve been a very bad child, and I chose my own path without asking your consent.. For that, I’m truly sorry..

Ibu, I know that you’re fighting so hard to keep this family in piece, purely because you cherish and love us, because you’re still holding on to your dream. Someday I’ll make you happy again, I’ll give you many reasons to smile brightly, so you can proudly tell people ‘that’s my daughter.’

Ibu, I know you’re hurt, and that your world changed into a gloomy one. Whenever you’re in pain, remember those beautiful times, just like your childhood, where aki just returned from his duty and brought you a beautiful kimono. I can’t promise you that you can come back to the past, but have faith that the warm feeling does exist, and it will come again.

Ibu, despite the hard time I went through, I’m so thankful because God gives you as my mother and as my guardian angel. Be strong, ibu. From now on, let me be the one that takes care of you.

Ibu, aku sayang ibu.

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December 21, 2015
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