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Hello lovelies, I need money to buy a pen tablet and improve my art, so I can start working with my projects ( = 7 = ) /

Read the journal, see the price, and don’t forget to check the sweet bonus on the end! XD

Buat temen-temen di Indo, kalau berminat note saya ‘aja ya. Nanti daftar harganya beda ^^


♔♔ Price List ♔♔

- Headshot / Close Up / Bust Up: $5 (+$3)

- Knee High / Half Body: $10 (+$7)

- Full Body:  $13 (+$10)

+ = more characters, just add the price. Example; two characters, full body, will be $23 in total. Three characters, half body, will be $24.


- Lineart / Transparent BG / Color of Your Choice BG: Free

- Basic Color / Simple BG (simple textures / magic circles / patterns / simple objects) : $5, *$3

- Full shade / Detailed BG: $8, *$5

 * = For Headshot

- Character Design: $15 - $20 (depends on the level of difficulty)

- Character Design + Story: $20 - $25 (depends on the level of difficulty)


♔♔ Will do | Can try (depends on the difficulty levels) | Won't do ♔♔

✔ OC (human / elf / half-elf / dwarf)

✔ Bishie / pretty boy, that's my speciality //bricked

✔ Character Design

✔ Fanart

✔ Couples (straight, yaoi, yuri)

✔ R – 15 pic and bellow


† Animals

† Magical Creatures


♠ Mecha

♠ Bara

♠ Furries

♠ Slash and Gore

♠ R-18

♔♔ Sample ♔♔


Headshot | Half-Body | Full Body
AA - Whisper Tree by D-for-Duchess  CR: Who needs Ice Cream? by D-for-Duchess  Admoneo: Assignment - Magazine Cover by D-for-Duchess | | :bulletred: | |  Admoneo: Happy New Year by D-for-Duchess   CR: DuoChi Makan Es Krim!! by D-for-Duchess  CR: Aquarium Stroll by D-for-Duchess  | | :bulletred: | |  Verania Solange Bellross by D-for-Duchess  Lentia's Full Body by D-for-Duchess  Full Body by D-for-Duchess 

Lineart | Basic Color | Full Shade
Aki sketch by D-for-Duchess  Darkness is Rising by D-for-Duchess | | :bulletred: | |  CR: Duchi, 29 Villain Rock On! by D-for-Duchess  Velijoe basic by D-for-Duchess | | :bulletred: | |  Admoneo: Scracthing Post by D-for-Duchess  Admoneo: TWT (The Encounter) by D-for-Duchess

Plain BG | Simple BG | Detailed BG

Aki Plain by D-for-Duchess | | :bulletred: | |  Admoneo: To Protect You by D-for-Duchess  Admoneo: Flowers ~ by D-for-Duchess  CR: HLBD Nimbus Liranam by D-for-Duchess | | :bulletred: | |  Admoneo: Nightingale Halloween by D-for-Duchess  A-A: Lanterns and Fish Cakes by D-for-Duchess  CR BW Last Stage: Outbreak - ROCK ON 'TIL DROP by D-for-Duchess  

You can see more in my gallery.

♔♔ Order ♔♔

- Send me a note with the tittle “Comission.” The details can be seen after this section.

- I’ll get back to you once I finished reading your notes, and set up the deal.

- Once we agree; you can pay me half price in the beginning, and the rest will come after I finished. Or, you can pay me half price after I send you the sketch / lineart (if you want to see it), and pay the rest after I finished. You can also pay me once I’m done with everything, but I will only give you the finished piece after you transferred the whole payment.


♔♔ Note contents ♔♔

- Commission type: (full shade head shot / full body with simple BG, etc. etc.)

- Character Info: (Especially when it’s an OC, so I don’t make him / her OOC. You can give me the character sheet / character description / links)

- Request: (if you want any specify poses, details, etc)

- Paypal email: (your paypal email adress)


♔♔ Important ♔♔

☆ Just to be clear, I do my lineart + coloring with my mouse, so don’t expect the clearer lines and subtler color you can only get from a pen tablet = v = ‘

☆ I’ll give you my deadline once we made a deal, it’ll be varied depending on your order (three days the fastest and two weeks the longest). But, if you’re in a hurry, you can just talk to me about it and we can figure something out

☆ I have the right to refuse the commission if it makes me uncomfortable

☆ I do first come first serve

☆ Total price does not include paypal fees


✿ ✿:iconblacksparklesplz:


 :iconblacksparklesplz:✿ ✿

Once I get the pen tablet, you’ll receive a bonus of a free GA on my new drawing and coloring style! The GA itself will be made based on your previous order, so if you ordered a basic color half body, you will get the same piece with the same OC, only this time, I’ll change their pose and clothes to give it more variation, since it’s a GA afterall.

♥♥♥ Thank you for reading this! I'll be looking forward to work with you~ ♥♥♥

Rykumi Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I'm so excited that you're starting commissions! :D I wish you the best of luck and hope you have a lot of fun with it ^_^ 
D-for-Duchess Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Wah! Thank you Kumi! :iconasdfghplz:
Hopefully I'll get some customers :D
Rykumi Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2015  Student Digital Artist
You're welcome <3 I know you will ^_^
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March 4, 2015


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